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Frequently Asked Questions


Can my wood floor be saved?
Generally speaking yes; most floors can be saved. There are different options to get your floor looking beautiful again:
  • Clean and Recoat
  • Sand and Seal
  • Repair, Sand and Seal
  • Remove, Reinstall adding reclaimed flooring to match, Sand and Seal
When should a floor be cleaned & recoated?
A floor should be cleaned & recoated when wear patterns start to develop in traffic areas.
When should a floor be sanded & refinished?
A floor should be sanded & refinished when the protective finish is broken down, texture & color changes appear in traffic areas, or when damage has been done due to a sudden change in moisture or other damage has occurred.
When does a floor need repairs?
A floor may need repairs before the sand & refinish process starts. Areas that may need repairs typically are:
  • Registers that are no longer used
  • Pet or water stains
  • Broken or gouged boards
  • Loose or missing boards
If large areas need repairs, the floor may be removed, nails pulled, joints cleaned, and then reinstalled mixing in like reclaimed flooring.
During new construction, when should a floor be installed?
The wood floor should only be installed after the drywall/plaster is installed & finished and preferably after the walls are painted. The moisture level of the framing and subfloor will be checked, and the flooring will not be installed until moisture levels are acceptable. The permanent electrical fixtures do not have to be installed; however, suspended temporary lighting of some kind and at least one outlet in each room is required.
For a remodeling project, when should a floor be installed?
The flooring should be covered during remodeling if possible. It should only be refinished when drywall/plaster is complete and after walls are painted.
I have trees on my property; can they be used for my wood flooring projects?
Yes, this is a great way to have an attachment to the land. Perhaps it is a family homestead or farm, maybe it is a tree that has come toward the end of its life, and you would like to preserve the memories of climbing on it or swinging from it as a kid. I can facilitate the cutting of the trees, cutting the logs into usable boards, a kiln to dry the lumber, and a mill to have the boards made into usable flooring.
How long does the sand & refinish process take?
Depending on the size of the floor it may take as little as one day to sand. No matter how small or large, it will take basically five days to go through the correct sealing & finishing process. After that, it may take seven to ten days to fully cure and to accommodate normal use; however, limited use is acceptable during this time.
How long does the install of a new wood floor take?
The time it takes is completely dependent on size and features of the floor to be installed.
Can I stay in my home while a floor project is in progress?
Yes. It is obviously less intrusive if the project or at least part of it can be scheduled for a time when you may be on vacation or when other living arrangements are made.
What is the cost of an estimate?
Estimates are completely free, and there is no obligation. An honest opinion will always be given as to the status of your floor, whether or not it can be saved, and if so, what should be done with it.